Friday, July 22, 2011

Who’s Who in the Girls Nation Government Office

As President of the United States, Barack Obama wears serves many roles. He serves as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he is the Chief Executive, Chief Ambassador, and so many more. At the American Legion Auxiliary, the wonderful ladies who work in the government office wear many hats too.

Andy Dobson is our fearless leader. She has served on the GN government staff for an undisclosed number of years  and really knows her federal government. Her official title is Government Director meaning that she heads the government office and does her best to keep the rest of us in line. Andy also serves as the Federalist Party Leader where she is hoping to lead the Feds to victory!

Traveling with Andy from Washington State is Patty Griffith. Patty is delighted to be back on government staff again this year. Patty serves as the Nationalist Party Leader and is contemplating a bet with Andy about which party is going to win this year…something about singing in front of the entire bus? Patty also reduces the stress level in the office considerably in her role as ‘Technical Guru.’

Jane Thurston, of Indiana, is the Senate Leader at Girls Nation. She enjoys running the Senate sessions and keeping the legislative gears in motion. As this year’s delegates have submitted their legislation, Jane has worked tirelessly to edit the bills and resolutions, research the proposals, and she has been brushing up on her parliamentary procedure. Another hat Jane wears at Girls Nation is that of Assistant Federalist Party Leader.

My name is Katie Cochran and I am from Indiana / Missouri. This is my first year on the Government Staff at Girls Nation, which has earned me the affectionate nickname of “New Kid on the Block.” My job is to pretty much do whatever is asked of me. Officially my titles this year include Legislative Assistant (which means I help Jane during the Senate sessions) and I am the Assistant Nationalist Party Leader (so I help Patty out when we have party meetings). Also, since I never learned to keep my mouth shut, I have the additional role of blogging for the Government Staff this week. I know it will be a busy week but I will try to let you know about the exciting things happening in our corner of the world.

We are looking forward to a great week with this year’s delegates and we hope that you enjoy learning about how the Government Office works!

-Katie Cochran, Indiana/Missouri

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