Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Foggy Bottom Blog

Tuesday, the ladies of Girls Nation 2011 had the great privilege to meet the President of the United States of America. The most powerful man in the world took time out of his busy schedule and stressful debt talks to meet and to encourage us. If that isn’t considerate, I’m not sure what is. Regardless of political ideology, standing ten feet away from him, I experienced his awesome charisma. Barack Obama has the grandest, most confident and inspiring presence of anyone I think I will ever meet. I feel so blessed to have had the honor to sing to him in the Yellow Room.

The day was filled with an inspirational talk from a Holocaust survivor (an incredible and awesome woman, Nessie Godin, who planted compassion for the world in all of our hearts), a night tour of the memorials (name after name after name, these men sacrificed their lives for ME, for MY freedom –- that’s overwhelming) and monuments (the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite), senate sessions (the senate resolved that chickens are required to be humanely killed now, y’all), and primary elections for presidential and vice-presidential candidates (Kayla Imbush, the Nationalist party’s candidate is going to dominate!). However close we are becoming (honorary sisters, really), by now we are drowning in estrogen, and everyone is obsessed with stalking the Boys Nation boys on the Internet and highly anticipating meeting them. Apparently the Alabama boys are the cutest, which is “exciting” for Mary Parrish and I. Of course, we already knew that Alabama boys were the cutest. It’s something about the South, y’all. We grow ‘em good.

-Senator Laura Ann Prickett, Foggy Bottom

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