Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bethesda Blog

This has been a simply wonderful week, and Bethesda decided to wrap it up by collectively going over our favorite parts. Below are what the girls said were their favorite parts of the week.

“Getting repeatedly sung to by 97 people.” –Mahnoor Manmood

“The Wounded Warriors picnic was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.” –Mahnoor Manmood

“I appreciated having to deal with the factions that developed in the party over one bill, having to figure out how to overcome it and how the party ended up becoming stronger for it. We grew so much.” –Aviva Shwader

“My favorite part was debating. The ability of some of the Senators to just think of something on their feet, and it’s well thought out and intense- that process was so neat to see.” Brooke Hagopian

“I enjoyed having free reign on Capitol Hill. Even though I already knew my Senators and Representatives, it was so great to get to spend time with them in their element. It was really eye-opening, and I got internship offers.” --Jacqueline Juffer
“Sitting in the gallery of the House, and watching them debate exactly the same we had been debating. It was neat to see that we were doing exactly what they were. I could totally see the girls saying the same things as the Senators just as well or even better.” --Becca Taylor

“I loved Nessie’s story. She persevered throughout the Holocaust despite the hardships. She turned her disappointments into a form of motivation and continued to live life to the fullest. That story will motivate me throughout my life. I can’t wait to take this story back home and spread its message.” –Laura Peng

“I loved experiencing how incredibly open and transparent our government is. It was amazing to be able to freely walk the halls of the capitol and the congressman’s buildings and go into talk to whoever we wished. Although I did not get the chance to talk with either of my senators, it was a great demonstration of how fantastic our government system is.” –Tracy Nelson

“It was great to actually get to see congress at work. After our mock congress sessions and having a better understanding of how congress works, it was amazing to be able to see the House of Representatives in session. Seeing it all in person is so much different than from a television screen. Of course, it was not nearly as exciting as finding out that there were so many girls here that shared my obsession for fancy G2 pens!” – Lucy Liu

“It was nice to see warrior house that I will never forget because they inspire me so much. I wish I were there at least 2 more hours because they like our story and how we help them. Also I have good time to meet the Boy Nation because they have different ideas. Last thing I want to say that many girls are very inspire my life and they push me to be better person. I love all the girls so much.”- Cille Patten

“Girls Nation has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Making connections with my senators and representatives at Capitol Hill was incredible. However, what I enjoyed most was meeting their interns and staff. The support that they give to our political system is absolutely crucial. Seeing them quietly go about their job to better our world made me see that there is more to politics than partisan bickering and indecision. I have learned so many lessons from Girls Nation, and I’m sure I’ll realize that I learned even more as soon as I get home!”-- Molly Monk

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