Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trish's Chucks

Out here in Washington our PR Team is on the go every day making sure that we capture every special moment …and with these girls you have to be mobile and ready to run. Translation…this is no time for the high heels! In anticipation, and keeping in code with our uniform, I brought my favorite black Chuck Taylor sneaks. It’s really hard for me to fathom how this shoe has endured so many generations to evolve to one of the best known items of footwear around. After all…let’s face it …they’re not comfortable, they’re not fancy, they’re not expensive…but hey…we all have them and everyone from 5 to 75 has probably owned at least one pair! Yesterday was an awesome and special day as the Girls Nation team visited the Mologne House on the grounds of the Walter Reed Medical Center to meet with our wounded warriors and their families. Words cannot describe how it felt to see the Girls Nation senators connect with those who have been so severely injured. It was a little overwhelming for some of the guys, but as they ventured down to the picnic area, they would say, “Is anyone from Georgia?” …is anyone from “Nevada.” We watched the girls branch off to groups where they chatted, ate and conversed with these heroes. The USO show was great and the girls sang patriotic songs in the courtyard of the facility in tribute to their service and sacrifice. I don’t think anyone really wanted to leave but slowly and surely everyone started to gather up and head toward the busses. It was wonderful to see these young men and women, many who have lost multiple limbs or were otherwise severely injured, come and connect with our vibrant and compassionate senators. As our team overheard the conversation of the girls, it drifted toward, “did you see his eyes,” “wasn’t he cute,” “he was so funny.” Regardless of the terrible loss endured by these soldiers, the things that could not be taken away spoke boldly on their behalf…their charm, their humor and the very real fact that their sense of self still lived strongly and thrived. Many walked and wheeled with us to the buses and as we said our goodbyes, a young man who had lost both his legs and one arm said to me, “I love your Chucks.” So to anyone who is reading this blog, be so very grateful that if you are able to slip on your flip flops, a favorite pair of heels or lean over and tie your Chucks…you are very very lucky.


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