Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in the Government Office

Although Sunday is considered by some to be a day of rest, that certainly isn’t the case in the government office! Today our morning started with flag raising at 6:30 am. We thought we were up early enough to beat the heat or to avoid the bugs, but it looks like we were mistaken. I think that is going to be a theme this week. After a tour of Arlington National Cemetery, a wreath-laying ceremony, a question and answer session with a Guard from the Tomb of the Unknowns, and an ecumenical service, the Senators were back and the government staff was ready for some action.

After lunch the wheels on the government staff started to rock and roll. Each community selected one girl from each party to serve as their Party Delegate. In the Party caucuses both the Federalists and the Nationalists elected a Party Chairman, Party Vice-Chairman, and a Party Secretary. These six young women are committed to leading their parties to victory in the presidential elections later this week. Also, this afternoon both parties established their five committees (elections, campaign, convention, platform and credentials/rules) and got a lot of committee work done. I was with the Nationalists and learned a number of cheers and how to “BOOM! Shake it out, Shake it out!!” with the girls.

Following flag retreat and dinner our 2011 Girls Nation Senate officially convened. The American Legion Auxiliary National President, Carlene Ashworth, began the session by addressing our Senators and reminding them of the power of one. Then we elected our Senate Officials. Congratulations to our newly elected Senate officials – Jane and I are looking forward to working with you!

Following elections it was time to crack open the legislative packets and look at all of the legislation that will be debated this week. (For those of you following along from home, be sure to check out this year’s bills and resolutions on the website!) Our committees met this evening and started to discuss and amend the bills.

Looking ahead the government staff knows this week holds few guarantees, but we know that legislation will pass, legislation will fail, the government staff will get very little sleep and we will all frequently hear, “THAT SENATOR IS OUT OF ORDER!!”

Katie Cochran
Government Staff

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