Friday, July 29, 2011

The shimmering sun was burning the morning clouds from the sky as the flag floated away, carried by Georgetown community. My heart was bursting with pride as we all stepped in sync and we reached the flag pole. The day started out accordingly, with a patriotic ambiance around us. As we finished breakfast and loaded our bus to leave for the White House, I was overcome with a feeling of nationalism and pride. A few weeks ago, who would’ve known that I was going to step on ground that was built by the founding fathers of the greatest nation in the world? Who knew that I would be able to walk the rooms that Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, James Madison, and many others resided in? Who knew that I would feel a part of history myself and be able to honor those who fought for me and my rights in such a way?

Today’s visit to the White House made me view the world with a different set of eyes. I managed to reach high and find the hidden stars that lay in my soul. The history of the White House and those who resided in it helped me see the importance of the rights and freedoms I have today. It helped me see that because I am a woman, I can make a difference in the world, and because I am a part of Girls Nation, I already am fulfilling that goal. All the support and kindness offered to me here along with the visits to some of the most beautiful and important monuments in our country, have taught me to be proud of who I am as an individual working amongst others who aspire towards the same goals. Today, I opened my eyes to the endless opportunities that lay before me in the future. I learned that my time is limited, and I do not need to be living someone else’s life to be content or to make others happy. I learned that my inner voice can be stronger than all others opposing me, and that listening to my heart and intuition is best because they already seem to know where I want to go and be at. Because of today and of all the wonderful other individuals that I have the pleasure to be with at Girls Nation, I realized that Gandhi was right when he said strength comes not from physical capacity, but from an indomitable will.

Stefania Cotei

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