Monday, July 25, 2011

All Aboard!!

Life in the Government Office

I think I can, I think I can…

We’ve all heard the story of the little red engine who thought that she could. All of the other trains refused to carry a heavy load over the mountain, but the little red engine did her best and by singing her mantra of “I think I can.” And after a few verses she made it over the mountain. Well, already I feel like the little red engine. This week seems daunting, but I know I can make it. In fact we all can and we all will.

This morning at breakfast, it was mentioned that the government staff has been here for almost an entire week already. I guess that explains why I am so tired…but another reason is because of how much we cram into a twenty-four hour period. As we do our best to keep everyone on track (pun intended), I am realizing that this week we don’t go at the pace of an old-fashioned steam engine train – Girls Nation is a bullet train!

After our initial party caucus and opening Senate Convention Sunday evening, our government train began to pick up speed. We are barreling along today with more party meetings (in which we elected our Majority and Minority Leader and our Majority and Minority Whips). Our party committees which just formed last night, have already finalized their plans for the two party rally, the conventions, and elections.

In Senate tonight, things started to heat up. We began with Senate Joint Resolution #1 presented by the Senators of New Mexico which passed. This legislation proposes Congressional term limits. Senate Resolution #1 from AZ regarding federal trusts for the National Parks also passed. Senate Bill # 1, the Alien Minor Education Relief Immigrant College Act (TN) passed. Senate Bill #2, the Green Payments Rewards Act (OK) failed. Tomorrow we are back in action.

With that said, I should be working on tomorrow’s docket for when the Senate reconvenes. Tomorrow promises to be a long and wonderful day!!

I leave you with the words of Shel Silverstein, “If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain't enough!” (The Little Blue Engine). I think the government staff is going to make it this week!!

Chugging Along,

Katie Cochran
Government Staff

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