Thursday, July 23, 2009

Over the Hill

Emily Meade (right)
Exeter, New Hampshire
Kate Miller (left)
Omaha, Nebraska

In our pockets the two of us now proudly carry copies of the US Constitution autographed by none other than our favorite zealot (and choice for the Supreme Ruler of Everything), Ron Paul. While on Capital Hill today, we made a long and onerous pilgrimage in order to pay tribute to the Grand Master himself. His Greatness even left meetings to take pictures with us and to give us great big hugs. Needless to say, it was the "bom-digity" of the entire week thus far.

Despite the lack of sleep last night (about 5 hours), we have found our creative juices to be rich and flowing. We are currently producing a play about our wonderful junior counselor Kay. Although, we know she is worried about the content of this play, it portrays her in only the best and most flattering light. She is a wonderful person and even gave us cards with kittens (and flowers) on them. Not only does she keep us pumped full of sugar, she also fills us with inspiration for our futures and helps us get through the long days.

While spending time with His Greatness, Representative Ron Paul was the highlight of the day, we did keep our appointments with the other entities on the Hill, including Jeanne Shaheen, Judd Gregg, Ben Nelson, and Mike Johannes. We can say with assurance that the country is in good hands. And very busy hands. The amount of work that these people do is amazing, and we are very greatful to have been given the opportunity to meet these wonderful, talented, and generous individuals. Other spotting's included John Kerry, John McCain, some oil lobbyists, Caral Shea-Porter and the underground train.

After returning to the REAL Senate, here at Girls Nation, we slaved over the intensely debated bill regarding the repealment of the No Child Left Behind Act. Both sides of the argument made excellent points; however, the nay-sayers won out. The session was followed by the even more important, and fun, TALENT SHOW, which featured our amazingly skilled peers. We witnessed ballet, first-class flute-playing, a violin virtuoso, marvelous singers, and some truly fabulous comedians. Our only complaint is that the show just ended, and we are once again headed to only a few hours of sleep.

None the less, we are stoked to be here, and are greatful to the American Legion Axillary for all of the work that they have done and all of the opportunities that they have provided us.

Sleepily yours,

Kate and Emily

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