Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ecumenical Service

Norma Tramm - Minnesota
Reflections Chairman

With a blue sky overhead and a beautiful sunny day, the senators reverently assembled at the Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheater. Many thanks to the Senators that participated in the Ecumenical Service. Senator Cumbest of Alabama, Senator Crabtree of Idaho, Senator Kirby of Arkansas, Senator Asay of Utah, Senator Winsor of Minnesota, Senator Goepfert of Alaska, Senator Mills of Tennessee, Senator Baumgardner of Kansas, Senator Murjani of Florida, and Senator Meyer of North Dakota. What a great opportunity to gain an insight to the differences and commonalities of some of the religions represented at Girls Nation. With over 20 different religions and a limited time frame it was only by chance that the senators were chosen for this assignment. The Girls Nation Choir sang "In Flanders Fields". The harmony was marvelous as their voices blended in song. It was wonderful to hear the many compliments on the choir's performance after the service. "The music was beautiful" -- "You could really hear the harmony" -- "They sounded Fantastic". Even people standing outside the Amphitheater made comments on the singing -- "They sounded like angels". A huge thank you to the nearly 30 members of the Girls Nation Choir for taking the time to share their wonderful talent. We look forward to more musical gifts as the week progresses. I would also like to compliment Senator Jeanel Mouelle, Minnesota for the inspiring prayers at the convocation on Saturday night.

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