Friday, July 24, 2009

Another great day!

Roxanne Hiatt - NE
Senior Counselor

Good Morning. Sr Counselor of Chevy Chase here. I am tired today - and so are the girls. It was a busy day on Capitol Hill yesterday. In talking with them last night some had really good experiences and some were a little disappointed, but all in all a good day.

The rain made a real challenge of navigating. The new Capitol Visitors Center was open and really beautiful. We were given House and Senate gallery passes and many of us took advantage of them. I know I did. I saw my own Representative Adrian Smith of Nebraska on the floor in the morning. We also saw Senators McCain of Arizona and Lieberman of Connecticut on the floor of the Senate. It was interesting. Also took a minute to go through the Botanical Gardens.

It's been a great week. All in Chevy Chase have been well (except for a few allergies and blisters) . Looking forward to pizza later. I've enjoyed all my Senators and many thanks to our favorite JC, Virginia. I wish everyone safe travels home tomorrow. Thanks for the memories.

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