Monday, July 20, 2009

From the Directors Chair:

Mary Davis- WA
Girls Nation Director
Here we go again, the latest and greatest of the Government of Girls Nation. Elected to lead the Federalist Party as Floor Leader was Senator Talley Gale (AR) and for the Nationalist Party, Floor Leader, Senator Kate Miller (NE). Directly after the election of Floor Leaders the selection process for Whip was held. Running for Whip of the Federalists Party were Senator Emily Meade (NH); Senator Kaitlin Babbitt (NV); Senator Jody Hoiten (SD); Senator Jaimie Ermak (DE); Senator Jessica Salley (LA); Senator Steph Winsor (MN); Senator Madison Riethman (OH); Senator Kerstin Caesar (RI). Those selected as Whips for their respective parties included Federalists Senator Meade (NH) and Nationalists Senator Moffitt (RI). Also selected as the Reporter for the Senate, Senator Ava Goepfert (AK). Senator Goepfert is responsible for keeping the Senate apprised of current real world news as the Senators concentrate on the business at hand of the Senate. Currently the Senators are working in committees. Until later...

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