Monday, July 20, 2009

From the Directors chair:

Mary Davis- WA
Girls Nation Director
Hi Girls Nation followers, The Senators are busy this morning filling the positions necessary to run the Federalist and Nationalist Parties. I had the pleasure of listening to the candidates for Floor Leader of each party speak to their specific strengths to lead. Running for Floor Leader of the Federalists Party, the party in power, were Senator Violet Li (OH); Senator Kaitlin Babbitt (NV); Senator Gable Brady (TX); Senator Steph Winsor (TX); Senator Annie Konduros (SC); Senator McKay Cambell (WA); Senator Talley Gale (AR); and Senator Kerstin Caesar (RI). Candidates for Floor Leader of the Nationalist Party included Kate Miller (NE); Victoria Lopez (NM); Olivia Cook (KY); Alicia Dair Esquer(AK). The elections are taking place as I type. Stand by for the results later. Next the Whips for both parties will be selected and this morning Keynote speaker candidates will via for that position. That's the latest from Girls Nation this morning. Stay tuned for more. Remember check out the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation web site which, hopefully, will be updated today. Also find the Senators on Twitter and Facebook. Until later...

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