Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls Nation---Pic's Pit Stop Store

Pic Webster

Store Keeper


Hey Shoppers!!! Great buys are still available at the Girls Nation store. Not much shopping time left, but we can still take care of your shopping needs.

After a very busy work week and a lot of fun too as a GN Senator in Chevy Chase, Maryland, don't forget those near and dear to your heart---in otherwards--- remember them with a small remembrance from "Pic's Pit Stop."

We have some great "Stuff" for a mere dollar or two. And some a little more. Sale items are hot right now! What about a neat little stress souvenier (a replica of the US Capital) for Dad, only a $1.00. And don't forget that little sister that is missing you. A cute Girls Nation T--also $1.00. She will love you lots. And little brother and sister will be getting ready soon to go back to school so why not pick up a light weight back pack of fushia or blue. Only two bucks each. Your mom would look really good in a pair of our "Flip Flops" in red and white for only a dollar.

Maybe you have more money left than you thought and a Girls Nation sweatshirt with a design of Washignton D.C. landmarks for $10.00 would be a treat for Mom. We also have a very nice windshirt for Dad at $15.00.

The Pit Stop has been very busy and inventory is limited-so don't wait- not much time left to shop! Watch for last minute mark downs!!!! Just like "Wal-Mart," falling prices to close out your Girls Nation experience. There is still time to get that T-shirt for you Boys Nation counterpart.

It's been a pleasure to serve you. Pic

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