Saturday, July 18, 2009

Girls Nation welcome one and all

Welcome Senators to Girls Nation the 63rd Session - with girls coming by planes, taxis and parent drop-off nearly 100 girls ascended on the National 4-H HQ in Maryland for a week of fun, sharing and learning. After registering, getting their official photos taken, visiting with Nurse Judy and a warm dinner in their bellies, it was time to start the order of business for the night!

First item of concern - Respect to our Nation's great flag - hosted by this year's Junior Counselors; and then off to opening ceremonies..............with several guest speakers and even a moving DVD of poppies waving in an open field to the song of "God Bless the USA".........there's nothing like listening to 98 teenage girls sweetly singing - voices in unison to a favorite patriotic a final salute to the poppies, each girl was given a poppy to insert into the poppy wreath which will be placed at the Tomb of the Unknowns tomorrow - watch for pictures from that visit!

On with the ceremonies ...........How fun for the new members of the Girls Nation to hear from Sara Coffey, a 2001 GN alum, tell about the great times, friends and memories she brought to share with them.........inspiring and encouraging words!

With most of the girls traveling since early morning they were tried little "puppies" and most ready to finish unpacking and make ready for another busy day - and the day starts at 0645 (that's 6:45am for you non-military folk) and for lots of these young and older folks - that's before the sun comes up!

Signing off for the PR staff at Girls Nation..........please watch for more daily events and keep track of the girls of the 63rd Girls Nation Session.

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