Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Day of Remembrance

Eva Wallace - WA
Senior Counselor

We started our day at the Holocaust Museum - what an absolutely moving experience. The family pictures that were saved and on walls, including the woman who started the collection of pictures as a little child in her father's arms. We walked through another area where pictures that were drawn by the children in the concentration camps were exhibited.
This evening we heard from Nessie Godin, a survivor. Her story gives us hope and inspiration for the girls to remember and carry into their own futures.

I am enjoying the week here. The girls are truly the best and we know from seeing and hearing them in all the different venues, that our future will be in good hands. They understand what is happening in these very complex times and I am proud that we, as an Auxiliary, give them this opportunity to share their dreams with each other.

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