Friday, July 24, 2015

Wally Goes to Washington

Greetings from ALA Girls Nation! My name is Wally. Wally Koalie. I am an unprecedented special guest, sent by a very special 6-year-old girl who is missing her mommy. Do you remember a book called Flat Stanley? He has shared some of his adventures with me and I am so excited to share my adventure with you! During the past few days I have been watching all of the ALA Girls Nation staff as they prepare for the week. The American Legion Auxiliary has been working so hard over the past year to make this experience possible. I’ve met so many fun people already. Did you know that tomorrow morning rising seniors from 49 states will arrive at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center to spend the week?  

Most of my time so far has been spent in the PR office and I must say, these women are the most accommodating and talented group I’ve met so far (but it’s still early). Speaking of meeting people, I hope that I get to help interview some of the Senators and share their stories! The office has been buzzing with talk of places that we’ll go and see over the next seven days. I hear that we will get to visit some historic monuments and meet some important people! So far I’ve been to the dining center, staff meetings, and I’ve settled into my habitat here at the 4-H Center. Every place is wonderful. The best thing to date is this wonderful machine in the dining hall. They call it the “ice cream machine.” It’s fabulous!

I am excited to meet the 2015 Senators and learn about this program, our government and the American Legion Auxiliary. Over the course of this 69th session of the best immersive government learning experience in the world, I will be posting pictures of my adventures, here and on Facebook at I hope you’ll follow along with me and join me in this experience. Below are a few highlights of my time so far. 


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