Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ALA Girls Nation Senators Support and Empower

As hundreds of suitcase wheels and ballet flats scraped the pavement last Saturday morning, the humid air gave a warm welcoming to ninety-nine teenage female senators arriving to begin their life changing week in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Earlier that morning, the Baltimore airport was flourishing with bright-spirited young ladies from all over this nation; from the tall Pines of Washington state, to the palm trees of Florida.

An amazing opportunity has been presented to the ninety-nine young women this summer. Here at ALA Girls Nation these women gather to create a mock senate. Elections, campaigns, legislations, and memories have already been created this week. Two senators from each state, plus a guest representative from the District of Columbia, have been selected as the nations’ top women leaders. ALA Girls Nation brings forth the strengths of these leaders while also recognizing their weaknesses through multiple learning experiences. This program’s overall objective is to shape our future women leaders of America and improve their political skills and maturity level.

Amazing field trips have been included in this summer program so far such as visiting the Arlington Cemetery and our nation’s capital. This is not your average high school field trip; we are learning through hands-on experience rather than skimming the pages of a textbook. Arlington gave us an image of the tolls of freedom, and provided them inspiration to support and respect the dedicated servicemembers of our country.

Not only are we thoroughly supported, but also empowered by our fellow women senators. As senators campaign, encouragement fills the hallways of the 4-H Center, encouraging women to be bold and courageous. How will this diverse group of females apply their newly polished life skills to the rest of the week and the rest of their lives? We shall see. 

~Chevy Chase

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