Sunday, July 26, 2015

ALA Girls Nation Government, By the Numbers

ALA Girls Nation Government, By the Numbers
All of these statistics are for the 2015 session of ALA Girls Nation.

Number of Girls Nation Government staff members: 4

Number of Girls Nation staff members who ROCK: 4 (actually it’s 8 because the PR staff edits this blog).

Number of bills docketed: 42

Number of resolutions docketed: 6

First legislation submitted: June 9th

Last legislation submitted: July 22nd

Days it took to receive and finalize legislation: 43 days

Emails I sent or received regarding legislation during that time:  A whopping 642!!  (At least that is just what I have...if you add in emails sent between Kelly and the senators, you get a whole lot more!)

Average emails about legislation per day: 15.2

Committees that will discuss the legislation: 6

Pages of paper used to copy all of the bills for senators and staff: 6,020 pages (see why we ask that all bills only be one page?!)

Pages used to copy resolutions: 840
Number of staff members: 33

Number of zealous guest Koala bears: 1

Number of people who will have dreams come true this week, thanks to the American Legion Auxiliary and our ALA Girls Nation chairman, Martha Lee Thatcher: 132 ladies, all young at heart

Katie Hendricks


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