Friday, July 27, 2018

Women’s Empowerment and Choosing to Share My Light

These past few days, the Potomac community has become exactly that – a community. I have never in my life felt so connected to a group of people so quickly, nor have I ever been able to live so enveloped in intelligent passion. 

Empowerment, during my journey, has been ignited by my mother’s example and held close – an ember that brought me all the way to D.C. 

Empowerment, here at ALA Girls Nation, has been much more than a singular ember; it has burned bright, and has been a bonfire of energy that sets each senator alight. 

These women have taught me that empowerment should never be kept to one’s self. It is a light that goes dark only when we do not fan each other’s flames, but it becomes a force once we allow our “bonfires” to combine.

The Potomac community, my wonderful roommates, and the girls of ALA Girls Nation have re-oriented my world-view. My fellow “Potomian,” Anna, said it best – “choose to share your light.” Where and when is up to you, but remember that you give nothing away when you add your fire to an ember because, if your fire ever needs restarting, there will be plenty of strong, confident, and inspiring women to do so. 

Thank you, ALA Girls Nation, for showing me what it is to be unapologetically supported. I promise to fan flames well after I leave by becoming just as unapologetically supportive.

Lighting the Flame,

Emma Hargreaves, ME


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