Monday, July 23, 2018

ALA Girls Nation Senators Bond Immediately Upon Arrival

Yesterday was the first day of a week at ALA Girls Nation. After being picked up at the airport and getting bussed to campus, we finally got to meet the super sweet senators from the other states. No introduction was needed – the girls all got together and shared many stories from their ALA Girls State experiences and, of course, exchanged pins.

Each girl I met was different and quirky in her own special way that it wasn’t hard to see why each us were chosen – my roommates being no exception. The girls I will share my room with for the following week are very accepting and giving. We bonded over our experiences and differences and compared our competition from our week at ALA Girls State. Above all other similarities, we all shared a certain excitement in our eyes matched with smiles on our faces that expressed how thankful and fortunate we are to have the opportunity.

Looking forward to a great week!
Nicole Bobovich, PA

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