Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Washington, D.C. Excursions Bring Growth and Fun

The day began with an attempt at raising the flag, however the weather unfortunately did not permit the performing of the flag-raising ceremony. Nevertheless, ALA Girls Nation had a fantastic and enlightening day selecting the presidential and vice presidential candidates, an individual for each position (president and vice president) from both the Nationalist and Federalist parties. Hailing from the Nationalist party, presidential candidate Amal Ali from Texas and vice presidential candidate Tytiana Curtain from Wisconsin. As for the Federalist party, Hoda Abdalla, from South Carolina, was selected to be the party’s presidential candidate, and Finnley Senese, from Florida, was selected to be the party’s vice presidential candidate.

On a note of exploration and enlightenment, ALA Girls Nation senators set out to learn from, appreciate, and respect the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The stunning exhibits portrayed the cruel reality of the Holocaust and conveyed the importance of preventing such an atrocity from occurring once more. The museum shared the stories of those murdered and those that survived the Holocaust in an extremely impactful and respectful manner, giving ALA Girls Nation senators an opportunity to appreciate the justice inherent to our great nation and the importance of being aware of the modern world and its history to prevent future tragedies. It was a somber moment, however also an urgent reminder of the necessity of paying careful consideration to world affairs, such as the humanitarian crises in Syria, Myanmar, and other nations experiencing turmoil.

The group then headed to the American History Museum for a delightful dinner and then was promptly on its way to visit the national World War II Memorial, at which they had the joy of singing patriotic songs to the enjoyment of fellow tourists. The Lincoln Memorial was quite a highlight of the day as the enormous, towering statue of former President Abraham Lincoln gave ALA Girls Nation senators quite a lot to think about in regards to the founding principles of the nation that has lead to its uniqueness and success.

In terms of fun and friendly competition, the day was not lacking as it ended with the energetic decoration of the room in which tomorrow's political rally will occur. Although in the end the room did look amazing, decked out in both the Nationalist and Federalist party colors, there might have been a little more dancing than decorating – completing another successful day of ALA Girls Nation filled with achievement, growth, and fun.

Mariam Kish, CT 


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