Friday, July 20, 2018

Getting to Know the ALA Girls Nation Public Relations Team

This week, the ALA Girls Nation senators will see a lot of the Public Relations team (PR for short), primarily behind the camera! Our team is responsible for the ALA Girls Nation Times, which is a recap of our daily activities; ALA Girls Nation blog; photography throughout the week, and all social media.

So, who is the PR team?

Kristen Baker-Geczy is creative communications specialist at ALA National Headquarters and manages the PR team. Kristen is a Navy spouse and has been deployed to the Middle East as an Air Force contractor.

Kendall Madsen from the ALA Department of California is the photography guru. Kendall is a member of Newport Harbor #291 in California and gets her eligibility from her father, who served in World War II and in Korea, and her brother who is a Vietnam veteran.

Dana Thoreson is an ALA member through her father, a Vietnam veteran. She has been a member her entire life and is proud to belong to Unit 39 in Velva, North Dakota. Dana is also the director of ALA North Dakota Girls State. Dana enjoys her role at ALA Girls Nation and likes observing the girls as they experience the week.

Outside of ALA Girls Nation, I serve as director of ALA Kansas Girls State. I am a proud member of Unit 14 in Lawrence, Kansas. I joined the Auxiliary after attending ALA Sunflower Girls State and like that I can give back to the organization through the ALA Girls State program. I am a member through both of my grandfathers, World War II and Korea veterans. This is my first year on staff and I look forward to observing the ALA Girls Nation senators learn more about the political process.

You can follow along all week on Facebook (@ALAGirlsNation), Instagram (@ALAforVeterans), and Twitter (@ALAforVeterans). Or search our hashtag: #ALAGirlsNation18!

We are…PR!
Rachel BarnesKansas

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