Friday, July 25, 2014

The Nationalist Administration of ALA Girls Nation 2014

The votes have been cast. The tallies have been marked. The results have been announced. So now let us take the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the platform of our new fearless leaders.

First we look to education and recognize, to paraphrase Vice President Ogechi, that not all paths to success are the same. The Nationalist party sees the truth in these words and promotes vocational training as well as a decreased dependency on standardized test scores for school funding. It is not fair or realistic to ask students of varying backgrounds and socioeconomic standings to reach identical results in identical time frames without identical opportunity for learning both within and without the physical walls of the schoolroom as our president stated in her whistle stops.

Many of our senators, Federalist and Nationalist alike, come from agriculturally dependent states and, on occasion, families. For them we tackle the "big-small" issues head on. By big-small I mean big issues about physically small things. The Nationalist party will strive to educate their constituents on GMOs, protecting farm resources, and provide small farmers protection from search by large corporations.

The economic plank of our platform extends not only to opportunities at home but abroad as well. Steps will be taken to invest in the productive capacity of America and in that same stride we aim to create tax incentive structures so all start-up ventures can continue their innovation for years to come. Looking beyond our own borders our goals are to continue in the building of trade relationships with a desire for economic growth for our allies as well as ourselves in mind. The expansion of our own power generation capabilities will be accompanied by the lifting of the crude oil export ban in order to strengthen our energy sector and encourage future investments.

In continuing with the international theme presented in our Economic section the Nationalist Party moved focus to Foreign Policy. Our party has a strong and definitive position that nonintervention should be the first course of action. This would promote multilateral foreign policy efforts over unilateralism. Funds will be extended to bolster humanitarian aid in conflict zones and in post-conflict zones creating "administrative infrastructures, justice systems, and overall stability." At this juncture Economics and Foreign Policy cross. International economic development will be facilitated to decrease illicit activity and increase foreign investment.

Finally we reach the environment which is the final brick to be laid or rather plank to be platformed as the present situation commands. The movement for green energy and fewer emissions will be led by tax incentives for companies that elect to reduce emissions and for innovative manufacturers of green energy. We will look to the future with investment in renewable energy and the prohibition of oil drilling in National Parks and protected wild life areas to ensure that both our "Amber waves of grain" and "purple mountains majesty" will be here for generations to come. The Nationaliat party does stand in favor of the practice of hydraulic fracturing.

These five planks together form the 2014 Girls Nation Nationalist Party Platform. This week my faith in our generation has surged up. I feel so honored and blessed that you would all share your stories, convictions, and words with me. Congratulations to our newly elected dynamic duo President Sydney Roberts and Vice President Ogechi Obed. We know you will serve us well. Finally thank you Girls Nation Nationalists for allowing me the opportunity of chairing our our illustrious party. It has been the experience of a lifetime.


Hannah Moore
Nationalist Chairwoman

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