Friday, July 25, 2014

Government by the Numbers: Part 2

For those of you who enjoyed the Government by the Numbers blog…here are a few more numbers to share with you.

2014 Bills passed: 8
2014 Resolutions passed: 4
Number of senators who spoke on the floor this year at Girls Nation: 98 (every last one!!!)
Number of ice cream cones the PR staff actually ate this week: >47 and counting
Number of steps Jane, Kelly, and Katie walked on Capitol Hill Day (as per a pedometer): 22,080 steps!
Estimated number of miles that means we trekked: 9.48 miles
Estimated number of calories burned that day: 2,230 calories
Number of exhausted government staff members: 4

Government in a Half Shell! Voting Power!
Katie Cochran
Indiana / Missouri

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