Sunday, July 20, 2014

The ALA Girls Nation Government Office: By the Numbers

A few numbers to give you an idea of what happens at American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation:

Girls Nation Senators: 98

Girls Nation Staff members: 33

Girls Nation Government Staff members: 4

Coincidentally, the number of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 4

2014 Bills Docketed: 40

2014 Resolutions Docketed: 3

2014 Joint Resolutions Docketed: 1

Days between the first bill arriving in our hands and all the bills being finished: 42

Emails sent regarding legislation during that time: 577

Pages used to copy the bills (just on 7/17 alone): 5,600

Pages used to copy the resolutions: 392

Miles traveled by Yumi to get to Girls Nation this year (the farthest of the government staff): 2,806

Number of years ALA National President Nancy Brown-Park has been waiting to come to Girls Nation: 40

Number of times we expect to hear “Senator, you are out of order” this week: 52

Number of paper cuts the government staff averages daily: 3

Number of selfies expected to be taken by staff and senators: 2,941

Number of hours of sleep the government staff averages daily: not enough

Number of times ice cream should be available this week for the senators: 14

Number of ice cream cones we expect the PR staff to eat: 47

Number of high-fives from Sandra: 76

Number of girls who will leave on Saturday 7/26 wishing the week wasn’t over, promising to keep in touch, and desperately in need of sleep: 98

Number of staff members, glad the week is over, desperately in need of sleep, but reassured that our 98 senators will go home and change their worlds: 33 - Every last one!

Katie Cochran
Government Staff

PS – Number of shout outs to send to Addison (former Girls Nation): 1 :)

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  1. I'm predicting many more occurrences of "Senator, you are out of order". :) have a great week gov staff!