Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spring Valley: We are the 98

What can you deduce about ALA Girls Nation after twelve hours, give or take? So far for the girls of Spring Valley and Room 5206, the answer is a whole lot.

Over the course of roughly two meals, three snacks, one assembly, and a few hours of free time, it is already abundantly clear that Girls Nation is a group of incredibly talented, exceptionally passionate, and thrillingly enthusiastic young women. Each young woman is equipped with amazing ability. In our community meeting alone, the girls encompassed the entire gamut of skills and talents. From drama to self- defense, from archery to foreign language, and from public speaking to running marathons, we represent a diverse group of talent.

In addition, we all share an undeniable passion. We are Girls Nation, and as we were officially sworn in as senators tonight, we embraced a new unity. We are 98 women dedicated to making a difference and using our talents for the good of our nation, and we believe that our nation’s future is in great hands. We wear 98 poppies. We are 98 legacies for those who have given their lives in service to our country, and we are proud to carry out the patriotism and liberties that they fought and died to protect, as we were reminded in tonight’s poppy ceremony. We are 98 voices, raised to celebrate our country in harmony (thanks to our choir rehearsal time under the leadership of Ms. Dana). So what can we deduce about Girls Nation after about twelve hours, give or take? We are an amazing group of young women, honored to be representing our respective states. Most importantly, we are absolutely ecstatically thrilled to be here and unbelievably excited for the week to come as we define our Girls Nation and celebrate our beautiful America. We are the 98 senators of Girls Nation 2014.

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