Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to ALA Girls Nation!

The 98 ALA Girls Nation Senators arrived at the airport in Baltimore, Maryland today [Saturday] with feelings of excitement and nervousness. After getting off the plane, the senators searched for others with the lime green bandanas and soon began congregating in an area after being greeted by the friendly ALA Girls Nation staff. Senators exchanged their names and states which produced a variety of responses including but not limited to: requests for repeats for the rather original names, questions about the senators’ respective states, epiphanies followed by a story about the time the senator visited the state, and sometimes, just nods and smiles. After the half hour bus ride, the senators arrived at the 4H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Giggles and conversations could be heard throughout the registration process followed by the photo session to celebrate the first wearing of the wonderful lime green polo uniforms. The first event prepared for the senators was the pocket flag folding session; with every fold, a sense of patriotism heightened, as the senators learned about the significance behind every component of the American flag. The variety of accents and dialects that could be heard throughout the cafeteria truly reinforced the diversity every senator brought to Girls Nation. With much anticipation, senators completed their days, looking forward to embarking on the eye opening journey of ALA Girls Nation.

Spring Valley

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