Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girls Nation Epidemic?

It has come to my attention that an epidemic has broken out among the Senators of Girl’s Nation; symptoms of near madness have begun to plague us all. The symptoms?
Petey Peterson claims to “feel awful, hungry, sore throat, delirium,” while Gillian Mwangi suffers from “over-sassiness due to lack of sleep, a sore throat, and a serious hatred for chairs at the moment.”
When asked to explain her affliction, Anne Marie Hagerty could only convulse in the throes of a laughing fit, marked by periods of snorting. Her contagion soon spread to Dianne Jeffcoat, who began to- there is no other word for it- cackle. It was a cackle like no other, a cackle that seeped into the very marrow of your bones and shook you to the core, a cackle that the wicked witch of the “feds” would have been jealous of.
What is this strange illness, might you ask? Why does it seem to affect the citizens of Georgetown and Girls Nation as a whole so strongly?
Anne Marie and I did some serious soul searching to find the answer to our illness. We wanted to know why I would ever whip my scarf back and forth, or why Elle would ever attempt to imitate a llama, and we found the answer.
It was not a withdrawal from boys, as many of us believe it to be. It was not over-consumption of ice-cream, cheesecake, and other diabetes-inflicting foods. It was not even the fact that we had taken an in-depth tour of, not the Pentagon Memorial, but the Pentagon parking lot-
The cause was, and has always been, a mixture of sleep-deprivation and the relief of tension after the presidential elections.
Indeed, today’s elections marked a turning point in the environment of Girl’s Nation. Everything the candidates had worked for, campaigning, decorating their respective sides of the room, practicing and composing speeches and policies- all built up to one final moment.
It was a moment in which your eyes were screwed shut and you were clutching your running-mate’s hands and you were praying in that one moment-
And then you heard your name.
It was a moment in which dreams were realized and a future was created for Girls Nation, and it was a moment which I will never forget.
But in all seriousness, our Senators are on the verge of discovering a new aspect of each other that only blossoms from the depths of its hiding place after one has grown accustomed to another.
This new aspect can be found in Anne Marie’s infectious laughter, in Gillian’s saucy remarks, and in Petey’s half-dazed demeanor.
It is, quite simply, the beginnings of a family.

Attiya Latif with assistance of Anne Marie Hagerty

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