Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Girls Nation Gets Official!

Our second full day at Girls Nation began with us waking up bright and early (much to our dismay) to take pictures with our communities and the Nation as a whole. After a brief battle with the never ending swarm of gnats and the shifting sun we all took our pictures. Now bright eyed and bushy tailed, as much as we could be in the early hours, we all broke up into our perspective parties to set us off for the day. Here in our parties we voted on Floor Leader and Party Majority Whip, and fervor for our parties was born. The passion and enthusiasm we had for not only our parties, but for one another was contagious, and quite quickly we transformed into eloquent and forceful leaders with a comradeship that was undeniable. From then on, we broke into committees and prepared for rally day. Every committee worked hard to establish their goals, whether it was rules during the convention, or creating the most creative costumes out of glue sticks, paper and some imagination. The cheers got everyone dancing like we were a European discothèque, and our skits and props would have put any Broadway theater to shame. Work in the committees was admirable and outstanding. Considering the short amount of time we had, and the amount of work we all got done is just another example of the character and determination of every Senator at ALA Girls Nation.
But I believe I speak for my fellow Senators when I say that the highlight of our day was the Walter Reed Wounded Warrior Picnic. An overall feeling that I felt during the picnic was an overwhelming sense of gratitude, bravery, and most strongly, humbleness. Each and every service man and woman there willingly left their homes, family, and civilian life to fight for not only the freedom of our Nation, but for strangers they will never know. Here, in front of me were men and women who faced experiences I could never dream of, and quite literally came to the brink of death each and every day. They were never bitter, regretful, or angry at the world. These soldiers were the embodiment of the American spirit. No matter what obstacles they faced, or troubles hindered them, they could not be broken. Their love for their country, and American life was something that you don’t see every day. We could relate and talk to everyone there, and it was an experience that will forever be remembered by us all.
Later that evening we assembled into our Senate Caucus, and the legislative process began for our bills. This was the beginning moment where all our hard work and research would be displayed for our peers to judge. We debated, amended, and voted to the point where my state card began to become frayed, but it was all worth it. Being able to participate in a type of government role, even in debating fabricated bills was an amazing experience. It was a glimpse into the reality that actual politicians and senators face on a daily basis. The responsibility that it holds, and impact you have on society was exemplified in these bills. In this group of intelligent women, we came one step closer to improving not only ourselves, but society as well.

Chevy Chase Community

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