Friday, July 26, 2013

Recalling Room 5214

Many times people focus simply on where they are going. Often times they can forget that what matters the most is who they are with. The experience of Girls Nation would not be the same without the amazing women who run it, and the exceptionally open minded and kind senators that attend. We’d like to focus here on how friendships with your roommates add to the experience that Girls Nation provides.
Upon arrival we found ourselves in a room with a ginger from Wyoming, an eye shadow enthusiast from Iowa, a not so typical southern bell from Louisiana, and an outgoing over packer from Pennsylvania. The room was small, the hair products plenty, and the make-up ritual intense in the morning.
A precedent was set as the Southern Bell was the first and only to rise as the alarm clock rang. At the end of our first full day we returned from Arlington National Cemetery reveling in our mutual heat, exhaustion and appreciation. From these commonalities a strong bondage of friendship was forged. Before we knew it room traditions began to be established. That night the Over Packer initiated a juvenile truth or dare session, where we learned each other’s deep dark pre-school secrets. The following night a new tradition was formed as the Over Packer began to “borrow” brownies from the cafeteria to add to the nightly excitement. The amount of borrowed food increased each night to contribute to the experience. The week flew by as we attended a wounded warriors BBQ, senate sessions, guest speeches, and trips to monuments, Capitol Hill, and the White House.
We fought battles together in Senate as well as against the centipede invasion that occurred in our room, possibly due to the stash of 240 pixy sticks that resided there. Our quartet soon became inseparable and sat together for meals and bus rides. The conversations became deeper as our friendships got closer. The lack of sleep however, urged us to memorize Ice Ice Baby and sing along to Fergie without shame.
In closing, this is Outgoing Over packer and I have to say that I want to be friends with these girls for life. Their intelligence and beauty, inside and out, is unparalleled. Who knew that one week would change our lives and foster a sistership between us all. Girls from room 5214 and all of Girls Nation, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” –Dr. Suess You my friends, are incredible.

By: Jacey Kinnaird, Alex Cloutet, Gabbie Ruggiero, and Dakota Frederic

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