Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Girls Nation: commonly described as a program where two girls from every Girls State across the country are elected and travel to Washington, D.C. to serve as senators in representation of their state.
Often times, definitions do not provide an explaination worthy enough of the word. Girls Nation is like this. We are family. We are growing as women hand-in-hand with each other; the best of the best. Looking around, I know I am surrounded by future leaders of America that have the power to influence the nation.
Today, Nesse Godin gave Girls Nation a biography of her life surviving the Holocaust. As sniffles and tears flowed simultaneously through the aisles, I knew I was not the only one touched by her story. Imagine, losing your family at 14, working in labor camps, surviving a death march and concentration camp. This woman had everything against her and yet today, she so gracefully stood before us telling her story, poised and accepting of her past. I watched her, I saw her, I understood her. I looked into her eyes imagining those eyes watching the horrors of death all around her at such a young age. I watched her hands, gently rested on the podium as if they were never the tools to her survival. Today, a leader spoke of her success, her life, appreciating the good over the bad. This truly inspired me to make the best out of every situation and to appreciate everything we are blessed with in America.
Sisterhood: typically, one swallows this term in assumption that it is a direct relation between daughters of the same parents. Yet as we ascended upon D.C. tonight, taking in the Lincoln Memorial, World War I and World War II Memorials, the Korean War Memorial and Vietnam Memorial, we couldn't have gotten any closer than a relation only described as sisterhood. Constant pictures, smiles, shared silence in appreciation of our fallen veterans; we bonded as communities, but most importantly as a nation.
My junior counselor asked me to write a blog about our experience today. But unless you were there, or even more, unless you were one of us, no one will truly be able to feel the conection we have made with each other. No words or 'report' is worthy of defining the experience of Girls Nation. Although, I can say that it is an experience I wouldn't give up for the world.

Kara Granelli, senator
Foggy Bottom
New Jersey

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