Friday, July 23, 2010

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Blog #1
Today we went to the National Mall. It was incredible to see the symbols of America in person. My patriotism flared with pride when I saw the physical monuments that represent so much beyond their marble walls. It was clear to me today that each stone laid was done with so much fervor that still today, this burning patriotism inspired even my own.

Carly Stine, VT Georgetown

Blog #2
This day was phenomenal! Experiencing the heart of America for the very first time was life altering. I have more pride than ever before in our great nation. I am so happy to have spent my time with the leaders of tomorrow.

Lynnette Andersen, FL Georgetown

Blog #3
We are all truly blessed to be here representing our states. Tomorrow I am meeting with Dinei Titus, John Ensign and Harry Reid. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Thank you American Legion Auxiliary and thank you Nevada Girls State.

Sarah Teferi, NV Georgetown

Blog #4
Wednesday, July 21st 2010 was such a full, exhilarating day here at Girls Nation. We pumped party spirit up at rallies; I have never witnessed such phenomenal party unity and dedication. Personally, I felt the rush of speaking to all Girls Nation and faced the fear of whistle stops. I then had the honor of knowing my representation of the Nationalist Party had been enough to give us the election. Nationalist Carrie Bilenker was elected President, and I, Kelsey Keny, assumed the role of Vice President. The day continued to soar with breathtaking visits to memorials and monuments. Though I am now tired and somewhat exhausted, as I reflect on the day full of events, these reflections with certainly last a lifetime.

Kelsey Keny, TN Georgetown

Blog #5
Everyday I spend in this wonderful program, I am reminded more and more of how blessed I am. I am extremely blessed to be in Girls Nation. Today, I have gotten the opportunity to see firsthand the monuments I have previously only seen within history books. From the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, I know that I walked the steps of history. I am sure that under Girls Nation tutelage, I am walking forward to a magnificent future.

Safiatou Soumana NC Georgetown

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