Monday, July 19, 2010

From Sunday Night

So far…wow! My community of Spring Valley is amazing and uplifting. All the girls here are listeners and talkers. I’m beginning to break out of my shell and get to know all the unfamiliar girls…and I suppose that must be the hardest part. Before I got here, I was absolutely convinced everyone was mean and I’m happily proving myself wrong. And thus, I find myself at Sunday! It was far too hot at Arlington Ceremony (let’s not talk about the sweat dripping down everyone’s legs). Today we had tons of elections, speeches, and meetings and then all of it all over again. It seems to me that just about anybody has the ability to be whatever she wants to be. I myself am planning the Nationalist Convention.

This day and a half of being in this foreign place has convinced me that everyone has the potential to move far beyond what they thought themselves to be…even if she wasn’t elected as Chairwoman of such-and-such. This in itself is an awesome thing! I feel privileged and at the same time humbled. But the cool thing? I’m not the only one! Every girl here is going to leave a very special woman. We all know it and we all embrace every moment of it. At this moment we’re sitting here in our community meeting listening to each other. And though each girl is from a different state completely, we all sound like the same girl: hardship met by beautiful fortune. To anyone reading this, please know and understand that there is nothing in the world that could’ve prepared me for this amazing experience; therefore, there is nothing in the world quite like this week.

Dean of JCs

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  1. One of my fondest memories of attending GN last year was working with you as our Community's JC. So proud you are Dean of JCs this year. I know you will bring so much to the JCs and your community. Have a great time.