Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday Reflections by Chevy Chase

Maya Angelou once famously said “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Today was chock full of said moments, from elections and participating in the Senate sessions to touring the Pentagon and 9/11 Memorial. Your red-eyed but revved-up Chevy Chase writers, Samantha Aloysius, Deirdre Duquette, and Meena Venkataramanan, bring to you Tuesday’s news.

Meena’s Party Update
As your Nationalist party chairman, I am truly honored to represent many of my fellow senators by giving them a voice and presiding over party meetings. Today, as both the Nationalists and Federalists exchanged secret handshakes and entered their party’s respective conventions, the senators were given the privilege of listening to wonderful speeches made by vice presidential and presidential nominee hopefuls. In the end, two amazing nominees were elected to represent each party, and the parties have united behind them to promote their platforms, both complete with hopeful cries of social justice, improved national security, and a focus on the environment. After the party convention, the Nationalists and Federalists sang bittersweet goodbyes to their official party caucuses, but came together to make decorations for their two-party rally, complete with skits, speeches, and cheers.

Sam’s Senate Report
In Senate sessions, we were able to engage in what can only be considered as the most constructive and respectful form of debate as we discussed the bills we have so painstakingly written. The level of eloquence from this group of young women is exemplary and should be lauded. Everything from the topic of presidential primaries to special interest groups in political campaigning to immigrant policy reform, your Senate session had it all. Things are moving much quicker now and parliamentary procedure has been adopted quite effectively by our ALA Girls Nation senators.

Deirdre’s Peek at the Pentagon
The ALA Girls Nation senators had the unique pleasure of visiting the Pentagon, as well as the beautiful and moving 9/11 Memorial. The experience really impacted many of our senators, and it was heartwarming to see the respect and loving bond between the girls as they viewed the memorial. The interior of the Pentagon was yet another pleasant surprise. While we did not see any secret service or aliens (unfortunately, today was Will Smith’s day off), we were shown around the building by our kind and humorous tour guides, who were decorated members of our country’s military. Senators learned much about the history of all branches of the military and our involvement in various conflicts. The Pentagon truly exceeded expectations, and the air conditioning helped too.

Meena Venkataramanan, Arizona
Sam Aloysius, New York
Deirdre Duquette, Massachusetts

Chevy Chase

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