Saturday, August 1, 2015

Government Staff Honors Service of Veterans

This week, the Government staff has been kept very busy. We have copied bills, rallied parties, eaten too much ice cream, and called senators out of order…but less noticeable is that we have worn four buttons on our uniform daily.
Kelly Circle proudly wears the image of her mother, Twila, who served in the Navy. She was an assistant to the photographer for the Blue Angels and a librarian. It was through her military service that she met Kelly’s father, while stationed in Pensacola. Kelly has always looked up to her mother for being an incredible woman and a trailblazer. In her words, “In the 1950s not many women were in the service.” 

Jane wears the photo of her mother, also a veteran from an era in which many women were not. The love and respect Jane has for her mother is apparent anytime she is mentioned.
Tracy Nelson wears a button that shows her father, a Navy veteran of 26 years. My button is of my daddy (and yes, he knows he is still my daddy), Kirk, who served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era. 

In honor of their service, we try to serve our communities when and where we can. We have dedicated the past week of our lives to providing what we feel is one of the most enriching programs imaginable for high school students. The long days and short nights are nothing compared to what so many of our veterans have experienced. We hope we have honored our parents who have served in the military and that they are as proud of us and we are of them.

Katie Hendricks

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